Interactive Printing – Augmented Reality

Let your customers engage and interact with your print products through augmented reality. Integrate augmented reality into your print marketing and deliver interactive video and 3D content through business cards, brochures, books, flyers, posters, etc.

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Videos on Brochures

Deliver interactive video content through business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, banners, coffee table books, etc..

  • Share your company profile via your business card and link it with your email, website, LinkedIn, Facebook and other digital channels
  • Deliver video via your coffee table books and engage with your audience
  • Place video on magazine and newspaper ads to connect with your audience and improve brand recognition

Order your augmented reality print collateral and we will print, set up augmented reality experiences and deliver it to you.

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3D on Brochures

Deliver interactive 3D content through brochures, flyers, books, etc..

  • Convert your 2D printed floor plans, to 3D architectural renders.
  • Bring story books to life with 3D characters
  • Perfect for product brochures and catalogues

Let your audience experience and connect with your products and track engagement using detailed reports. Connect your print marketing with your digital strategy and use push notifications, email marketing and social media to re-engage.

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Augmented Reality for Packaging

Turn your passive print into connected packaging.

Augmented reality offers enormous untapped potential for brands to revolutionise their packaging and the way they connect and engage with the consumers of today.

At a time when users are connecting with brands through mobile than desktop; activating your packaging with augmented reality content allows people to engage and interact with your brand easily at the super marker, shopping centres, restaurants, home or office.

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Augmented Reality for Education

Encouraging learning through doing

Experienced first-hand just how powerful teaching and learning through augmented reality enhanced learning material such as:

  • Books with interactive video and 3D content
  • User guides with ‘How to’ videos
  • Labels and safety guides printed onto equipment

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